TEFLON DON Just Showed Iran He Means Business and Made Obama Look Like An Amateur

On Monday, Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels launched a suicide attack on a Saudi Arabian frigate off Yemen’s coast. Two crew members were killed, and three were injured. The Houthis, who are Shia, have been fighting against Saudi Arabia (which has a Sunni government) since 2015.

The attack was surprising in that it’s rare for the Houthis to launch suicide attacks (unlike some of their other Jihadist counterparts) — and even more surprising in that it may have been intended for an American target. Two defense officials told Fox News that the intended target may have been an American warship. We also learned Monday that the day prior, Iran had conducted their first ballistic missile test since Trump took office, which was in violation of a UN Resolution. They had also conducted UN-resolution violating tests while Obama was in office, but Obama didn’t even pretend to care.

It didn’t take long for putting them on notice to turn into action. As the Daily Mail reported:

The Trump administration made good this morning on its threats to punish Iran for its illicit ballistic missiles test.

Treasury sanctioned 13 individuals and 12 businesses Friday, Reuters reported, several of which were based in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and China.

Trump Tweeted out earlier this morning that Iran was “playing with fire,” and unlike Obama, he wouldn’t sit by idly.

The president dramatically raised the possibility of military action against Iran over its missiles test on Thursday saying ‘nothing is off the table’ amid reports that a new round of sanctions could be coming within hours.

Sources told the Associated Press that up to two dozen Iranian individuals, companies and possibly government agencies could be penalized as part of the move, officials with knowledge of the coming actions said.

The White House had put Iran ‘on notice’ on Wednesday, refusing to rule out military action or sanctions in response to the ballistic missile test – something the nuclear bargain Iran struck with Barack Obama explicitly forbids.

No matter what Iran says in response to this, don’t believe their side of the story. These are the people who captured American soldiers – then used it as propaganda while celebrating the anniversary of their nation’s Islamic revolution.
The “Death to America” chant seems to be a favorite at Iranian rallies too.

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