TEFLON DON: Mainstream Media’s Campaign To Oust Donald Trump Blows-up


Everything the media throws at him just further elevates his status in the polls. Maybe it’s Americans are just fed up with the media and the way the establishment is failing to represent ‘we the people’. 

From Mad World:  The mainstream media, all owned by a few conglomerates, drive the electorate toward candidates in sync with the “approved” few. This goes for the Democrats and the Republicans. The major money backers on the left and on the right have their “horses,” and they will use the media to assure certain candidates are in the lead. However, their campaign to oust Donald Trump is blowing up.

Thus far, the media has been against Trump. Never in recent history in American politics has a candidate not taken funds from the big donors. In the country’s climate, Trump’s ability to fund his own campaign is a huge plus for many constituents who identify with the GOP.

The mainstream media who have power to drive stories against Trump are finding that demonizing Trump does not equate to Trump slipping in the polls.

Via Breitbart:

My God, on nothing less than “Meet the Press,” the Mac Daddy of DC Media-ism, practically the entire show was dedicated to comparing Trump to a Nazi.

For weeks, the DC Media has thrown CrazyStupidRacist at Trump from a Gatling Gun of hate and frustration and fear like nothing we’ve seen in years. Not only has this attack failed, it appears to be backfiring.

Specifically the D.C. driven media, the elite of the elite are so frustrated, they are beginning to lose their grip. Here’s Trump, not playing by the mainstream media “rules”:

Breitbart reports on the recent CNN poll, showing Trump maintaining the lead:

After a coordinated DC Media attack that would have ground any other candidate into ash and dust, Donald Trump has not only held on to first place in the latest CNN national poll of GOP primary voters, he has surged +9 points to a massive +20 point lead. As of now, in a 12 person race, Trump sits at an astonishing 36%; his closest rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), jumped +12 points to 16% support.

Despite spending tens of millions of dollars on ads, Jeb Bush sunk -5 points to just 3% support. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) gained +4 points to earn 12%. Ben Carson lost -8 points and now sits at 14%.

Chris Christie, the man the DC Media has hyped for two weeks, sits at just 4%. Last month he sat at just 4%. All that DC Media love didn’t bump the New Jersey governor up even 1 point.

What GOP and conservative supporters can take away from this is a positive. Regardless of which candidate you support within the GOP, the mainstream media having diminished affects in their ability to drive the electorate toward a certain candidate is good news, and it leaves the leftists’ mainstream media loathing the fact their power is waning.

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