From KNXV: A Tempe high school football coach has one week remaining of a suspension that resulted from the coach instigating a team prayer.

The headmaster at Tempe Preparatory Academy, Dr. David Baum, said he suspended Head Coach Tom Brittain for two weeks after Brittain instructed a player to lead a team prayer in which Brittain participated.

“Our adults on campus are authority figures,” Baum said.

“If they seem to be condoning, on behalf of the school, a particular approach to religion, it has a sway on our students.”

Baum said that cannot be allowed, so he suspended Brittain for the prayer, which was in Show Low after a winning game.

Tempe Prep is a charter school; it receives public money.

Even so, some parents believe Brittain never should have been suspended.

“The administration’s decision… is outrageous,” Keith Wibel, a Tempe Prep fan, said.

“Ray Rice gets two games for cold cocking his girlfriend, and Tom Brittain gets two games for praying,” Wibel said.

“Now something is wrong with that relationship.”

The NFL decided to suspend Rice, previously a running back for the Baltimore Ravens, indefinitely, after initially suspending him for two games for his assault against his then fiancée.

A woman who answered the door at Brittain’s Tempe home said the coach declined to comment.

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