Tennessee: If You Force Someone To Disarm In Your “Gun Free Zone” You Are Now Liable For Their Safety

Let’s call “gun free zones” what they really are: safe spaces for criminals.

Since 1950, all but two mass public shootings have occurred in gun free zones, according to economist John Lott. That means every-time you hear a conservative in a TV debate following a mass public shooting argue that had only there been a “good guy with a gun” present, he was right.

If you really believe that less guns make us safer, would you ever advertise that you live in a gun free household? Of course not – you’d practically be telling criminals that they won’t face any resistance if they’re to break in.

God bless Tennessee, which realizes this obvious fact. Now, if you try to disarm someone with a “gun free zone,” it’s on you to take responsibility for their safety.

Via USChronicle

A new Tennessee law, SB1736, has raised many concerns over the fact that it could have opened the door to widespread lawsuits.

The original intent of the bill was to provide legal recourse to anyone who had a concealed carry permit, but was forced to disarm when they entered an establishment that posted warnings that firearms were not allowed on the premises. Essentially, this is what is commonly referred to as “gun-free zones.”

As it is originally written, the bill, which has already been signed into law, would allow that an establishment owner is liable for the safety of his patrons who have conceal carry permits. If something happens to the person who has been disarmed, the owner can be sued.

What that means is, take the Orlando nightclub shooting for example, if that establishment had it posted that it was a “gun free zone,” and if there were patrons there on the night of the shooting who had a legal conceal carry permit, but had to disarm to comply with establishment rules, the club owner would be held responsible for damage that his customers obtained.

And that’s how it should be done.

Seriously, if you’re one of these “gun free’ businesses, do you really think that a sign is going to deter a shooter? Of course not – and if one does come, you better hope there’s someone else there with a gun.

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