Tennessee Makes MAJOR Change To Textbooks, Now Muslims Are OUTRAGED

If Tennessee was trying to figure out the most American way to entice people to move to their state, then this might be it!

Tennessee middle school students will no longer be forced to learn about Islam. Portions of the middle school social studies standards involving Islam have been removed.

Muslims are going crazy about this and it’s pretty funny if you think about it. People in America are sick of this nonsense religion that marries kids, hooks up with goats, and commits acts of terror. If Muslims were just nice people, then no one would be annoyed by them. If the Muslims just chilled out, watched Netflix, and went to work half-assed like everyone else, then we’d be cool. But the Muslims keep doing things that make people want to detach from associating with them.

School officials have dropped most of the Tennessee middle school social studies standards involving Islam as part of newly proposed standards and it will be wiped out entirely by around 2019-2020.

WGNS Radio – The Kingsport Times-News reports that an entire section on Islam currently taught to seventh-graders has been removed from the state Board of Education’s draft, which went online for public review Sept. 15. Most of the sections involving Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions have remained in the draft in some form.

The State Board of Education Director of Policy and Research says the new standards are more manageable and “age-appropriate.”

Every religion has their fair share of bad people. Catholics have a problem with priests touching boys in the confessional. No one can deny that. It’s well know there’s a problem with that. And don’t get all piss-faced that I called out the Catholics. Give me a break. They collect donations on Sunday so they can use the money to relocate one of their pedophile boy touchers. You know it’s true, stop denying it. There’s always that new guy in your parish who came from another state, right? THAT’S THE PEDOPHILE!

But Muslims have a higher amount of recent violence and sexually related crimes, enough to irritate people worldwide. From terrorist attacks, gang rapes, animal abuse with goats, and the sick pedophilia marriages with grade school kids – they’re a sick group of uncivilized people. They belong in a village full of idiots.

It’s a shame because there are good Muslim people out there, but they’re being ignored thanks to the radical Islamic terrorists and refugees ruining everything for the good people. It’s really not fair to the good people. If the bad Muslims would shape up, then people would be more accepting of the religion.

It sadly seems like there’s very few peaceful and respected Muslims. Those people are far and few and I don’t know why any woman would ever be Muslim. Muslim girls are treated worse than old trash. If you’re a Muslim father and force your daughter to participate in Islam, then you’re a terrible Father. Muslim men “honor kill” the women in their family. Imagine doing that as a non-Muslim. SICK.

If you’re a woman who finally realizes that the religion of Islam is worth less than a bag of dog sh*t burning on your front step, and that no woman should ever be treated the way that Muslim men treat their women, then I’m happy when you run away from a sick psychopath religion.

If you need to know anything about the Muslims, just watch these videos.

This is appropriate for school, right?

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