TERRIFIC! Lynch Admits She Has No Idea Where Omar Mateen’s Wife Has Gone

Following the Orlando massacre, attention initially turned towards shooter Omar Mateen’s father. His father had sympathies for the Taliban, and shared his son’s views on homosexuality.

In fact, his only complaint seemed to be that his son killed them instead of leaving it for Allah to handle.

Next, attention quickly turned towards his wife, who revealed that she had known about her husband’s attacks, going as far as to scope out potential targets with him. She claims that she tried to dissuade him – which she apparently thought was a defense. It wasn’t.

Now, a grand jury is deciding over whether or not to indict her for withholding evidence, and she’s gone missing. She’s since been added to a no fly list, but as the Gateway Pundit reports, we have no idea where she’s gone.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch told reporters today in Orlando that she has no idea where Omar Mateen’s wife has traveled to. Lynch said Noor Salmon was going to do some traveling, “But I do not know exactly her location now.”

Great – so now we know we have yet another potential terrorist on the loose.

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