Terrifying Moment Brave Cop’s Bullet Bounces Off Armored Vest Of Dallas Gunman; Then Executes The Officer

Video footage caught a thug trying to kill a cop by shooting him. The bullet bounced off the suspects vest so the shooter turned around and shot the cop at point blank range. Micah Xavier Johnson is the alleged suspect. The video shown below is taken from a balcony that shows the event as it is taking place.

The shooter sprinted towards the cop who ducked for cover under a pillar. At point blank range the cop is shot and he falls to the ground as the shooter inches closer to him. Masonry explodes around him which is presumably from other police officers. After the cruel murder the suspect begins shooting at other officers.

Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarippa, and Michael Krol were also murdered by thugs. Witness Ismael Dejesus spoke on the issue,

“A police officer crept up on the shooter and shot him in the back. But it didn’t faze him, he just turned around and shot again. The police officer was down and he shot him maybe another three or four times in the back. Unless he was a really big guy I can only imagine he was wearing body armor. It looked like he was carrying an AR-15.”

The shooter opened fire on police after the protests over the recent killings of two African American men in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Minnesota.

Dejesus said the shooter had so many rounds of bullets they were falling out of his pockets. He was also heavily armed. Clearly showing it was premeditated.

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