TERROR ALERT: FBI And DHS Warn Of ‘Violence’ And ‘Terror’ At The RNC

There’s going to be violence at the RNC – and the Democrats are going to be the ones bringing it.

Just like they do at Donald Trump rallies, they’ll incite violence, then report on all the violence going on at Republican events. It’s unlikely that there will be any mention in the media of who it was casing that violence.

According to InfoWars:

On Thursday, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and FBI Director James Comey both told Congress that they are extremely concerned

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers on Thursday that they were preparing their agencies for the possibility of violence, both from unruly demonstrators and terrorists, at the upcoming Republican and Democratic nominating conventions.

It is likely that we are going to see more security at these conventions than we have ever seen before.  In fact, Johnson told Congress that DHS will be sending approximately 3,000 agents to each of the conventions…

“I am concerned about the prospect of demonstrations getting out of hand,” Johnson said. “I am concerned about the possibility of violence. We have, within DHS, some 3,000 personnel that will be dedicated to the security of the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National convention, each.”

And Comey told Congress that he is particular concerned about the potential for “domestic terrorism”

Comey told the committee that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was monitoring the threat of violence at the conventions “very, very carefully.”

“Anytime there is a national spotlight on a political event in the United States, there is a risk that groups that aspire to do just that, engage in acts of domestic terrorism, will be attracted,” Comey said.

It’s no secret that leftists will be attending the RNC as agitators.

The New Black Panthers plan to attend the RNC armed – and the DNC has budgeted over $800,000 towards disrupting the convention.

The only glimmer of hope I can see in all of this is that the RNC will be allowing attendees to open carry during the event. That should have some agitators thinking twice.

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