TERROR ATTACK: Muslim on Visa Slams Plane Into Ground Targeting MAJOR Defense Contractor

On Tuesday, a Jordanian national, Feras M. Freitekh, deliberately crashed his plane near a Pratt & Whitney factory in Connecticut. His passenger, a flight instructor named Arian Prevalla, survived the crash, but is in critical condition. The P&W factory manufactures aviation parts for the US military. Authorities now saw it was a suicide. Well, duh. The question is… was it an act of terror? Isn’t that always the question now?

The flight instructor said that Freitekh was disgruntled about learning to be a pilot. I think I speak for all of us when I say, huh? An official says the instructor told police there was an altercation in the cockpit during their training flight and the instructor was unable to regain control of the plane from the student pilot. The plane crashed onto a busy road near jet-engine maker Pratt & Whitney’s headquarters. That sounds definitive to me… I think the guy was trying to hit P&W. I’m shocked the flight instructor survived the crash.

From BizPac Review:

The survivor of a Tuesday plane crash in Connecticut piloted by a Jordanian nation, told FBI investigators it was “not an accident,” according to The New York Times.

The pilot, Feras M. Freitekh, came to the U.S. on a temporary student visa in 2012 for flight school. The legality of his immigration status is unclear. Federal Aviation Administration records indicate Freitekh was issued a private pilots license in May 2015, and verified his certification to fly a single-engine aircraft.

Freitekh’s potential motiviations are unclear at this time. Local media reports he was killed in the crash.

The plane reportedly took off from a small flight school in Hartford, and went down on Hartford’s Main Street Tuesday afternoon. Freitekh’s passenger, a flight instructor, survived in the crash, and the East Harford Fire Department noted he was taken to the hospital with “significant injuries.”

The FBI is concerned because the plane went down next to a Pratt & Whitney (P&W) factory which is classified as “critical infrastructure” by the U.S. government. The P&W factory is a global aviation manufacturer, including aviation parts for the U.S. military.

Freitekh, a 28 year-old Jordanian national, was piloting the twin-engine Piper PA-34 Seneca when he told Prevalla he no longer wanted to fly the plane, a law enforcement official told The Hartford Courant. Investigators said there was no indication of terrorism. That’s bull crap and they know it… it’s the standard line these days. This guy was obviously a terrorist wannabe.

I’m also curious about that flight instructor. His social media pages indicate he is president of the American Flight Academy. They say he is originally from Albania and now lives in Hartford. Albania is a breeding hole for terrorists. Just sayin’.

That plane had two sets of controls. Why didn’t the instructor take over and stop the crash? Perhaps the fight prevented it, but this seems fishy to me. P&W is refusing to comment because it is an active investigation. One that is hardly needed I would say. If it looks like, talks like and flies like a terrorist… you can bet it’s a Jihadist.








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