TERROR ATTACKS?? Stabbings At Boston Mall, Munich Train Station – One Attacker: “Allahu Akbar!”


Is the stabbing attack at a Massachusetts mall linked to the terror/stabbing attack in Germany? According to authorities, Arthur DaRosa snapped. DaRosa was watching his kid play at soccer practice when he suddenly went on a stabbing spree in Taunton, MA.

Arthur DaRosa went on a stabbing spree at a mall near Boston Massachusetts
Arthur DaRosa went on a stabbing spree at a mall near Boston Massachusetts
DaRosa, for reasons unknown, suddenly left his kid’s soccer practice in a Honda Accord which was owned by his child’s mother. Speeding down the road, he crashed into a parked truck then attempted to break into several homes. When DaRosa found a house he could get into, he stabbed Patricia Slavin, an 80-year-old woman, and her daughter, Kathleen Slavin, 48. Patricia Slavin was later pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Upon leaving the home, Darosa attempted to carjack several people driving down the road. Unable to do this, he got back in the Honda, drove to Silver City Galleria, and crashed the car into the Macy’s department store.


Darosa leapt out of the car and began attacking patrons inside Macy’s. Girls and other customers were screaming and running. Terrified patrons thought DaRosa had a gun. According to witnesses, he didn’t have a knife at that time, and a Macy’s employee tried to stop him.

mall police line


Leaving Macy’s, DaRosa went to Bertucci’s pizza restaurant located inside the mall. Once inside, he grabbed a knife and began stabbing pregnant waitress, Sheenah Savoy.

Taunton, MA    Silver City Galleria   may  10  2016 scene shots outside Bertucci's restaurant, site of multiple stabbings.... ( George Rizer for the Globe)
Taunton, MA Silver City Galleria may 10 2016
scene shots outside Bertucci’s restaurant, site of multiple stabbings…. ( George Rizer for the Globe)

Emaly Higgings, who witnessed the attack said about DaRosa “He was mad about something. He just went off. He just started stabbing everybody. We just ran and ducked for our own safety.”

High school teacher George Heath, 56, was eating at the restaurant with his wife. Heath tried to stop DaRosa. DaRosa stabbed him in the head. The heroic bystander was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

George Heath attempted to stop the attacker. He was fatally stabbed in the head by Darosa
George Heath attempted to stop the attacker. He was fatally stabbed in the head by Darosa

Deputy James Creed —Courtesy Plymouth County Sheriff's Department
Deputy James Creed —Courtesy Plymouth County Sheriff's Department
Off-duty Plymouth County sheriff’s deputy, James Creed, was eating in the restaurant with his wife, also. He confronted DaRosa with his gun and badge out ordering him to drop the knife. When DaRosa would not comply, Creed shot him once in the stomach. DaRosa was later pronounced dead.

Attacker DaRosa being transported to the hospital. He later died of his gunshot wound

Authorities are reporting that DaRosa had been released from a mental hospital where he stayed the night. DaRosa said that the “devil was playing tricks” with his mind.


The strange thing about this, is that just about the same time DaRosa went on his stabbing spree, the same thing was happening in Germany. A 27-year-old unemployed carpenter began stabbing people at a train station near Munich, Germany. The man was shouting “Allahu akbar” and “you infidels!” according to witnesses.

munich stabbing blood



The attacker slashed four people at the rail station, killing one.

munich attacker arrested

Authorities are saying the man was mentally disturbed, the same they are saying about DaRosa. Coincidence? We have no idea. Two people go on stabbing sprees, around the same time, in different countries, and one of them shouts “Allahu akbar” during the attack. DaRosa certainly does “look” Muslim, but we can’t judge him based on his appearance, and we don’t know what religion, if any, that he practiced yet.

Time will tell if this was terror related. It sure does seem suspect, though.

By Jeff Rainforth
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Jeff was the national rally organizer to free Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from the Mexican prison, chairman emeritus of Ross Perot’s Reform Party of California, and a former candidate for governor. Jeff is editor-in-chief at Freedom Daily. He wrote for former Hollywood talent agent & Breitbart contributor, Pat Dollard, and headed up his 30 person research team. Mr. Rainforth also wrote for the Wayne Dupree Show. Jeff is single & says he is not gay.

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