Terror Stabbings Leave Two Dead, Others Injured – Islamic Jihad Claims Responsibility


From Right Scoop: On Saturday, a young Palestinian man in Jerusalem stabbed two people to death in a terror attack for which the group Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility. Reuters reports:

Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad issued a statement claiming the attacker as one of its members.

“The terrorist approached a group of Jews, whipped out a knife and began stabbing,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

One woman was in a critical condition after the assault and a toddler was lightly injured, police added.

The attacker, Mohannad Shafiq Halani, was killed by police.

A second stabbing took place a few hours later. From the Guardian:

A second Israeli was stabbed and wounded in Jerusalem on Saturday night, less than 12 hours after two religious Jewish men were fatally stabbed while on their way to pray at the Western Wall inside Jerusalem’s Old City.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said a 15-year-old Israeli was taken to hospital in a moderate condition with stab wounds to his chest and back.

The attacker was killed in this incident as well. Hamas has issued a statement praising both attacks.

In the wake of the murders, the Israeli Police have “restricted access” to the Old City and the Temple Mount, banning access to Palestinians for two days.

On his Facebook page on Friday, the terrorist in the first stabbing posted “According to what I see, the third Intifada has started.” Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas publicly warned of a “third intifada” just weeks ago in Paris.

A radical Islamic terrorist singled out Jews for murder, and he used a knife, not a gun, killing two and injuring two more before being killed himself. The sheer number of Obama administration tropes destroyed by this single event is mind-boggling.

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