Terrorism Survivor Drops EPIC truth Bomb on Why ‘all Muslims’ Are Portrayed As Bad (VIDEO)


From Allen B West: Many of us are sick and tired of the politically correct culture in which we’re now forced to live. Not only are we losing our freedom of speech, but our very safety is being threatened because we fear being called a racist or Islamophobe.

The entire situation in San Bernardino could have been stopped by people witnessing the strange activity — yet they were afraid of being accused of racial profiling. We hear about the “peaceful majority” of “moderate” Muslims; however, we don’t hear enough of them speaking out against radical Islam.

If you’re looking for a bit of hope, watch how terrorism survivor and anti-Islamic extremism activist Brigitte Gabriel responds to question about why “all Muslims” are portrayed as bad.

Now is not the time to be silent and afraid.  Now is the to stand up and speak the truth. Let’s spread this message around!


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