Terrorist Front Group TARGETS US General After He Issued Dire Warning About Islam


If you’ve followed Conservative Tribune for any length of time, you know how much we love the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Our jobs would be significantly harder if this Hamas front group didn’t do something ridiculous every other day.

The group recently listed a retired Lt. Gen. in the United States Army as an Islamophobic figure. When you hear why, you’re going to be shocked.

Lt. General William Jerry Boykin is a three-star retired general in the Army who now heads the Family Research Council. He is also, according to CAIR, an Islamophobe.

Here’s a hateful statement the group attributes to Boykin:

“If you are tied to the mainstream media you will never know anything about the true nature of Islam.”

Talk about some strong hate right there.

This isn’t the first figure to be pilloried by CAIR, which takes umbrage at anything more than complete deference.

A mild joke by Gen. Martin Dempsey earned him the rebuke of CAIR earlier this year, with CAIR president Ibrahim Hooper calling the joke Islamophobic.

“I think this is yet another symptom of the growing anti-Muslim sentiment in our society,” Hooper said of the remarks.

“I would put this more in the category of casual Islamophobia. It’s joking and jovial, but it’s Islamophobia nonetheless.”

CAIR also got a school district in Maryland to remove Christian and Jewish holidays from the calendar, because that sort of thing can be offensive.

They’re also behind the “cultural awareness” training some Home Depot employees recently received.

The group has officially visited the White House on several occasions under Obama. Other countries feel less charitably about the group. Like, for instance, the United Arab Emirates, which recently listed CAIR as a terrorist organization.

Boykin, meanwhile, has been outspoken on Islam. He’s claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House and Pentagon and that Barack Obama supports al-Qaida.

Those views unsurprisingly made him a target of CAIR. However, pointing out that the mainstream media treats Islam with kid gloves isn’t reason to label someone as a bigot.

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