Lets forget CAIR was just deemed a terrorist organization by the UAE, another Muslim country. So what, are they Islamaphobic?

Another conservative is in hot water for speaking out against Islam and the hate and terrorism it preaches, and with the politically incorrect comments he’s refusing to back down from, he may have just painted a target on his back.

Recently, GOP chairman of the Big Stone County Republican Party Jack Whitley took to Facebook to express his frustration with the complacency of terrorism and the refusal of our nation’s leaders to identify it as such.

“I am opposed to waterboarding muslim terrorists because it is a waste of resources,” Whitley wrote in one post, according to KMSP-TV. “They are muslims, they are terrorist, we know where they are from, we know where their buddies are, we know where their mosque’s are, we know millions of these parasites travel to Mecca every year and when…FRAG ‘EM! Simplicity. I love when it all comes together!”

CAIR Demands GOP Chair Apologize For Muslim Remarks, Here's His Response

Now, the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is demanding he apologize for the remarks, calling them racist and insensitive. The most disturbing part is that the Minnesota Republican Party is siding with the CAIR.

“I condemn the outrageous comments posted on Mr. Whitley’s Facebook page,” Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey said in a statement Thursday, reports the Star Tribune. “They could not be further from the Republican Party’s beliefs, nor more contrary to the efforts we have undertaken to include Muslim Americans, and every American, in our Party. We recently moved our office into the heart of Minneapolis, were proud to endorse our first Somali-American candidate for the state legislature, and have worked hard to welcome the fine Americans from these communities into our Party.”

Whitley has reportedly refused to apologize, standing for his beliefs:

“I have no desire to hold hands and play pattycake with these people,” he told the Star Tribune. “It’s pointless. They don’t understand peace…They understand one thing, and that’s aggressive force.”

That, he said, includes any American Muslims who do not “stand up and deal with the aggression and terrorist activities within their own ideology.”

When asked whether his feelings about Muslims extended to peaceful Muslim-American men, women and children – including Minneapolis’s Muslim-American congressman, Keith Ellison, “I don’t really see much of Islam being peaceful at all,” he said. “Don’t come into this country, infiltrating this country with your terrorist activities and terrorist agendas and call it a ‘holy war.”

If statements like “frag ‘em” — a reference to detonating a fragmentation grenade — creates an atmosphere of violence against Muslim-Americans, Whitley said followers of the religion bring it upon themselves if they fail to reject Islamic extremists.

“You have the right to follow any path of religion you choose, as long as it does not violate other people’s peace,” he said. “Your association with those in your religion who have those terrorist activities, and your unwillingness to call them on the carpet for it? No, you no longer have the right to practice that religion if it infringes on the peace and the tranquility of this nation and the people around you. That nullifies your constitutional right to practice your freedom of religion.”

Whitley again used Facebook to address those calling for him to apologize, standing his ground a second time.

CAIR Demands GOP Chair Apologize For Muslim Remarks, Here's His Response

Whitley’s Facebook page has since been removed. It’s unclear if Whitley took the page down himself or if Facebook removed his page for violating Facebook standards.

Conservatives can only hope that CAIR, which recently was officially labeled a terrorist organization, does not bully the chairman into retracting his free speech as they have done with many others who insult Islam.


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