TEXANS DON’T MESS AROUND: Firebomb Hate Filled Terror Mosque


From Mad World News

As Muslims around the world showed their stance on tolerance and multiculturalism by banning the most sacred Christian holiday, a Texas mosque just received a very symbolic Christmas present from Santa much worse than a stocking full of coal.

On Christmas Day, Muslim congregants were shocked to find that a very angry St. Nick may have left them a gift representative of the same treatment Muslim majorities inflict upon the religious minorities in their own countries.

KHOU reports that police and firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire at Houston’s Savoy Masjid only one hour after hundreds of worshipers left their Friday prayers. The blaze completely destroyed the mosque, and investigators believe that the fire was intentionally set, since there appears to be multiple starting points.

However, mosque goers are vehemently denying foul play, oddly reiterating that they believe it was an accident.

“Come on. We could make speculation out of this,” Sikindar Khan to Fox News. “Stuff happens all the time. I doubt it, I doubt it.”

“I know it was a short circuit. Accident. Nothing more,” Dr. Muhammad Yousef added.

The claim is bizarre, since Muslims have been quick to accuse unbelievers of hate crimes and racism (what race is Islam?) every time a Quran is destroyed or they are unknowingly served pork products.

Bare Naked Islam points out that this uncommon reaction is even more suspicious with the Houston chapter of CAIR, as always, demanding a thorough hate crime investigation by the FBI.

“Because of the recent spike in hate incidents targeting mosques nationwide, we urge law enforcement authorities to investigate a possible bias motive for this fire,” Mustafaa Carroll, the chapter’s executive director, said in a statement.

The mosque’s odd reaction sets off silver bells that this could be another false hate crime committed by Muslims creating self-fulfilling prophesies that white non-Muslims are racist (what race is Islam?) against the poor, mistreated Islamic minority. Read More


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