5 Illegals Allowed To Stay In TX Make ENTIRE Town Regret It After Cops Find What They Left Behind

One of the things that we love about President Trump is his vow to “make America safe again” by keeping people with malicious intent the hell out of our country. Ever since he announced his temporary migrant ban on migrants and his plans to build a wall at our Southern Border, liberals have been losing their minds, labeling the move as “racist.” But another  story is emerging about a horrifying crime that was just committed against at the hands of illegals, the very same dregs of society that liberal morons continue to vocally advocate for.

We all continue to read numerous alarming stories about illegals who come into our country illegally, and then commit violent crimes against American citizens. Of course liberals continue to white-wash all these incidents, while blasting out more insane headlines about Donald Trump and what a racist he is for wanting to keep these vermin out of our country. Now tragically, another young woman’s life was cut short after the atrocious thing that was done to her by 5 men in Grant, County, Washington, ALL who were here illegally.  Authorities are just now releasing the grizzly details of this woman’s murder, after making arrests for the senseless crime that was committed back in December.

Jill Sunberg

Several days before Christmas, authorities would make a horrifying discovery along an rural highway in Washington, where Jill Sunberg’s body was found mutilated by 13 bullet wounds. Deputies say that Sundberg was kidnapped and forced into a car by 5 illegals, after getting into an argument with one of her killers. After they were done shooting her in the head 13 times, in one final sickening act, one of the killers secured a message scrawled in Spanish, which they disgustingly put into place by jamming a knife into the dead woman’s back.

The only thing positive to come from this horrifying incident is that investigators made arrests in the case, after an ongoing investigation with U.S. Marshalls and Inter-agency Narcotics Enforcement (INET) produced enough evidence to arrest the 5 dirtbags who senselessly murdered the woman in a sickening act of revenge.

Residence where 5 illegals were found

Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva, Julio Mendez Villanueva, Fernando Marcos Gutierrez, and Salvador Espinoz a Gomez were all charged with both murder in the first degree, and kidnapping in the first degree, all that will hopefully get them put away for life.

Jill Sunberg’s sister has spoken out publicly since the arrests were made, where she and her family continue to demand that justice is carried out on the 5 illegals who brutally murdered Jill.

This is yet another example of why we need to build a freaking wall around our country, and deport every single dirtbag residing here illegally. How many more senseless rapes and murders have to take place before people realize that President Trump’s plan to keep us safe is our only valid option?

Be sure to share this story and expose what’s going on. The liberal media will continue to bury crimes like this as a way to push their vile rhetoric about President Trump’s immigration policies being contrived from racist motives!

H/T [Breitbart]


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