Texans Makes HUGE Stand Against Muslims After They Try To Invade Their Town

The Muslims have done it again. They’ve gone full stupid. They think they can come to America and do whatever they want, ignoring American laws, and get the ball rolling on their Sharia nonsense.

Too bad the Muslims have a square wheel and a country full of people ready to battle.

Call it the Cowboys vs the Muslims!

This report comes thanks to the Conservative Post, who reports that Texans are taking a huge stand against the Muslims who consistently attempt invasion of their town and try to set up their own legal system.

Mayor Beth Van Duyne has called for the residents help in fighting back against the sickening Muslims who keep trying to enforce their own laws in OUR country.

According to recent reports, a number of Texans have decided to organize a civil revolt against the influence of Shariah law in their state and in the country.

The uprising comes as a result of announcements that a Muslim Tribunal court was forming in Irving, TX.

Muslims and liberals are complaining about the push-back from residents and the town. Have you ever seen a happy liberal or Muslim? I haven’t. They’re always angry, complaining, blowing themselves up. I don’t understand what’s wrong with their brain. Why can’t they live a happy life? What’s the point in going through an entire lifetime pissed off at the entire world?

Could you imagine going to Singapore and trying to make your own court. You’d get at least 50 lashes via cane on each cheek. Then they’d force you to sit on glass covered in bleach. You’d cry tears the size of large hail.

The Muslims want to make their own court. Well that would be fine if their court adhered to the American legal system and everything there went by American laws. That’s not the case. These folks want to have a Muslim Tribunal court. That sounds a lot like something that would have a jury full of goats and 8-year-old brides. I think we’ll stick with the American justice system, thanks very much. As broken as some people call it, I would still rather have our legal system in place than anything that the Muslims insist upon.


Have you seen their religion and beliefs? They murder gay people. They marry children and sleep with goats, participate in gang-rape, make their women dress in clothes that look like table clothes. What’s up with those people?

It’s 2016, get modern already. Stop living in prehistoric times when people were just figuring out how to do things.

If you’re Muslim and reading this – please tell your people to chill out.

Or if you’re in Texas, then I suppose it will be a case of Cowboys vs Muslims, and as long as Tony Romo isn’t out there with a broken back, then I think we’ll be OK.


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