Texas Cop Stops Man, Claims Right to Open Carry is “Constitutional Bullsh*t” (VIDEO)


As we further perverse our constitution and trample on it, the laws that it represents are further violated and infringed on by our leaders and those who are supposed to uphold them.  

Carry any gun on the streets in Texas is NOT constitutional bullshit, its law and its LEGAL! 

(Mad World NewsHouston, Texas  Earlier this week, a man, exercising his right to publicly open carry his rifle, was detained and harassed by local police who claim they received several calls by “concerned citizens.” It’s hard to believe that the people of Houston would become alarmed at seeing a person open carrying, considering the almost religious-like gun culture in Texas.

What is even more unbelievable is how the officer interacted with the subject and the things he said about our Constitution. Brace yourself. You won’t be happy.

The above video was condensed for the report, but the entire footage was apparently submitted to pro-Second Amendment group Open Carry Texas (OCT), who put it on Youtube for your viewing pleasure — but be forewarned, in its entirety, it is 25 minutes long.

Perhaps it wasn’t the AR15 that the unidentified man had slung over his shoulder that made people nervous. Maybe instead it was the awesome kilt he was sporting. Either way, his rights were definitely violated by being approached by law enforcement with no probable cause to do so.

On one hand, the man probably knew he was going to receive some attention for walking down the street carrying a “scary” firearm in full view, and so he should have been prepared to be approached by police. He could have chosen the path of least resistance and had his ID ready in order to avoid getting into a pissing contest with the cops.

On the other hand, he was doing nothing illegal, so the stop should not have happened to begin with. Maybe the officers deserved to have to deal with the hassle of this man’s justified indignant attitude.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland has apparently viewed the video and the incident is under investigation.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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