Texas Cops on Alert After Brake Lines on Houston Police Cruiser Cut (VIDEO)


Police in Texas are on alert after a marked Harris County constable car appeared to have had two lines powering the anti-lock braking system intentionally cut.

At the same time, there have been two separate reports of shots fired at Houston-area police in the space of a week.

Houston police, Harris County constables and uniformed officers patrolling in marked cars have been told to be on the lookout for rogue attacks, and whenever possible, to travel in pairs.

The apparent vehicle sabotage occurred on a “take home” patrol car driven by a sergeant on the force. He noticed the brake system warning light was lit and called the precinct’s garage, after which two different lines were found to have been purposely cut, according to the official determination from investigators at the Harris County constable’s office seventh precinct.

Constable’s office spokeswoman Pamela Greenwood told TheBlaze that the patrol car’s basic braking system was still operational, but the loss of the anti-lock brake system could have put an officer’s life at risk in a high-speed chase or pursuit.

“All of our officers have been told to be on alert for attacks like this,” Greenwood said.

—Courtesy of The Blaze

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