2 Black Thugs Mug Texas Deputy, But Then His Wife Whips Out Her .45 And Lights Them Up! (VIDEO)

An attack on an off-duty Montgomery county Texas deputy at a Porter, Texas gas station ended in gunfire. On Saturday evening around 6:30pm, the victim and his wife pulled up to the gas station. The couple was buying ice and gas for a hunting trip they were about to go on. As the husband loaded the ice into his truck two black men attacked him.

“Once the victim leaves the store, the suspect vehicle circles around and pulls up on the side street, where you can see them both exit the vehicle and assault the subject as he’s putting ice in the bed of the truck,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Lt. John Schmitt.

The victim was taken off guard when the two black men walked up to his personal vehicle. They began kicking the man in the head, resulting in missing teeth, a broken jaw, and lacerations. The victim’s wife who was sitting inside the truck heard the scuffle, saw her husband being attacked and exits the vehicle. She then opens fire on the two black men. She fires several rounds at the attackers as they ran to their vehicle. Once the husband was able to get to his feet he also drew his weapon, took aim and fired at his assailants.

After the man and his wife drew their pistols and shot at the suspects, they fled into a red early 2000 Chevy pickup truck. It’s unclear if the attackers were struck by gunfire or how many shots were fired. The deputy was taken to the hospital were his is being treated for his wounds. His wife, however, is uninjured.

Authorities say they do not believe the deputy was targeted for being an officer. The 20-year law enforcement veteran was not in uniform at the time of the attack. Investigators say the assault was caught on surveillance footage, which has not yet been released. The Police department is doing a full investigation into the incident and are looking for the two black men responsible for the attack.

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