BOOM: Texas Governor Drops Hammer On College Snowflakes Over….

Immigration has become a main issue of the Obama administration. The President has allowed basic open borders that incentivize people to come here illegally by also providing programs like amnesty and a pathway to citizenship. Going as far to allow sanctuary cities.

Allen B. West reports that far left socialist student activists are creating sanctuary campuses, as they call them. Students are asking that college administrations do not comply and work with federal authorities on issues of immigration. Others ask that the administrators block federal immigration authorities from being allowed to search campuses.

President Elect Trump has denounced sanctuary cities. But he has yet to speak out about sanctuary campuses. The Conservative Tribune also reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced via Twitter on Thursday that any campus that institutes policies for “sanctuary campuses” to protect illegal students would pay a steep price, that would not be good.

The Governor told the media and reporters,

“Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities. I will cut funding for any state campus if it establishes sanctuary status.”

No campuses or universities in Texas have yet to actually declare themselves as sanctuary campuses. However, places like the University of California and California State University have promised that they would not cooperate with any federal efforts to deport illegal students. Good thing they are not in Texas/

However, Rep. Trey Maritnez-Fisher who is a Democrat told the Huffington Post that for the governor to be able to cut the funding to state universities they would need the assistance of the legislature. It is not as simple as the Governor makes it sound.

“Whatever money is going to these schools is worked through by the House, Senate and the governor’s office. If the governor is going to follow through with his threat to veto funding to universities, he will have only done so with the acquiescence of the House and the Senate, and I doubt that would ever happen.”

Texas Governor Abbott has signaled he wishes to sign laws that prohibit sanctuary cities which would entail cutting funding from the city. Which President Elect Trump has also said he would do on a federal stage for sanctuary cities. Making it easier for the state to do so when precedent is set on the national federal stage.

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