Texas Judge Put Countless People In Jeopardy With What She Was Hiding On The Bench For YEARS

During Barack Obama’s administration, he made sure to do everything he could to undercut the American people. If it was not forcing them to purchase health insurance it was allowing illegal immigrants to run amuck through this country. Instead of enforcing our immigration laws and doing background checks on those who enter America, Obama allowed them all in. Between Obama and the bleeding heart liberals, they made sure to demonize anyone who questioned their asinine motives.

Well, finally after 8 very long years, we are rid of Barack Obama and President Trump is in charge. Ever since Trump has been in office ICE agents have been able to do their job correctly. Over the past several month’s ICE has been able to arrest and deport over 41,000 illegal immigrants. Which is fantastic news considering how many illegals Obama allowed to enter our country. Well, now another illegal immigrant has been discovered and this illegal has placed thousands of Americans at risk.

Which makes me wonder, how in the hell things like this happen?

According to reports, coming out of Corpus Christi, a municipal court judge has been placed on unpaid leave after city officials learned that she was NOT a United States citizen. Judge Young Min Burkett has been a judge since 2015 in the state of Texas. City Councilman Rudy Garza Jr. explained this as just a small mixup on the application process, but I beg to differ with his assessment.

Judge Young Min Burkett

Here is more from Breitbart:

After learning Judge Young Min Burkett was not a citizen, City officials placed her on unpaid leave for 90 days to give her time to complete her citizenship process, according to Corpus Christi Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio. The City did not disclose how they learned about her lack of citizenship.

Mayor Pro-Tem Rubio told the Associated Press that no one asked her about her citizenship during the hiring and qualification process. He also said she never attempted to deceive anyone or misrepresent her background.

However, the Department of Homeland Security Employment Eligibility Verification form, I-9, asks, under penalty of perjury, if the applicant is a citizen, noncitizen national of the U.S., a lawful permanent resident, or an alien authorized to work. The City did not disclose if Judge Burkett filled out the form, how she answered it, or who verified the information on the form.

Rubio reported that Corpus Christi City attorneys have reviewed the circumstances and stated that rulings Judge Burkett made during her tenure remain valid and lawful.

While Judge Burkett did not return calls from reporters, her husband sent a statement to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, USA Today reported. “The job posting specified only the ability to work in the U.S.,” he stated. “She has never made a representation that she is a citizen.” He said she obtained legal permanent resident status in 2007.

Corpus Christi Mayor-Elect Joe McComb told reporters at KIII ABC3 he believed the matter to simply be a paperwork error. “Did the City make a mistake in not asking the right question?” the mayor-elect said, “I don’t think there was any intention by anybody, City or applicant, and so, you make a mistake, you admit it, and you move on and that’s what we’re doing.”

Mayor Pro-Tem Rubio chairs the City’s Municipal Court Committee. She said she is not convinced the city attorney’s opinion is correct and this could be more of a wait-and-see situation. She told KIII reporters, “Someone can come back and say, ‘You know what? I’m going to say I don’t agree with her decision, and I’m going to challenge it,’ and they have every right to challenge it.”

A local attorney told the Corpus Christi ABC affiliate the revelation “could prove problematic when it comes to challenging those rulings.”

A Facebook page claiming to be Judge Young Min Choi Burkett states she began working as a municipal court judge in March 2015. Prior to that, the page claimed she worked in the Nueces County District Attorney’s Office for nearly seven years. The page lists Burkett’s place of birth as Seoul, South Korea.

This is absolutely ridiculous and it should have never happened in the first place at all. Thanks to Obama’s loose immigration policies this woman has had the power she should never have had in the first place. I mean let us be honest here for a moment, who knows how many rulings are going to be overturned now? 

Is it possible that she went softer on illegal immigrants if they came through her courtroom, or did she follow the letter of the law? This is why background checks need to be done on people who even have citizenship here. This should never have happened, but it did and I blame this on liberals and their twisted agenda.

However, what I find to be the most egregious about this entire scenario is that Judge Young Min Burkett is being given a 90-day suspension. That has me about to blow my top already! This woman should be fired, but no, she is being given a chance to gain citizenship and return to the bench.

Seriously, this is why we can’t have nice things, right?

H/T [ Breitbart ]

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