Texas Judge Said Its Time For a ‘Tree and a Rope’ For San Antonio Cop Killer; LIBERALS DEFEND COP KILLER

A Texas judge wrote on Facebook that he thought it was time for a tree and a rope for San Antonio cop killer, Otis McKane. Of course liberals immediately seized on it and called it racist and hateful. The judge apologized, but said it was not racist. He shouldn’t have apologized. It is time for a tree and a rope for these cop assassins. I’m all in on that one. I know judges are supposed to be impartial… but that kind of goes out the window when someone walks up to an officer in his car and shoots him in the head at point blank range.

The comment has nothing to do with race… it has everything to do with assassinating cops. The fact that the perp is probably also part of Black Lives Matter is just icing on the bloody cake. Blacks do not have a special right to commit crimes and kill cops. I don’t care if they are purple… you kill a cop, you get the death sentence. That’s how it should be. He sits on the board of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, appointed by former Governor Rick Perry. The agency grants or denies licenses to Texas peace officers, county jailers and public security officers.

From the Daily Mail:

A Texas judge has come under fire for making a racially insensitive comment on Facebook about the suspect arrested in the shooting death of San Antonio police officer Detective Benjamin Marconi.

Burnet County Judge James Oakley of Spicewood wrote on the San Antonio police department’s Facebook wall under a mug shot of suspect Otis Tyrone McKane, according to a screenshot, ‘Time for a tree and a rope.’

Several people ‘liked’ the comment, but others were outraged.

‘Very inappropriate remark,’ wrote on commenter. ‘I am as angry as anyone but for you to use FB to Lost my further support.’

Oakley apologized and said his language was ‘unfortunate’ but denied it was racist.

‘I never made that connection but I do see how somebody could make that connection and be offended towards that. That was not my intent,’ he told The Huffington Post on the phone. ‘Maybe I watched too many Westerns when I was little.’

‘What I should have posted, if anything, is a comment that more clearly reflects my opinion on the cowardly crime of the senseless murder of a law enforcement officer. My view of the ‘suspect,’ whom has admitted to the murder, is the same regardless of ethnicity or gender,’ he added.

Oakley said he supports the death penalty but doesn’t work in a criminal court.

This scum bag confessed to killing the officer after he was arrested. He then apologized, like that would make it all better. “Society not allowing me to see my son,” McKane replied. “I lashed out at somebody who didn’t deserve it. I’ve been through several custody battles and I was upset at the situation I was in.” Well, boo freaking hoo. So, he just decided to off the first cop he found because he was upset. In my viewpoint, I don’t think the judge who said this was out of line at all.

The judge’s words may not fall within the rules of decorum, but neither does this asshat killing a cop and then saying, “I’m sorry.” Gee, I wonder why he was denied custody. Could it be he has a psychotically violent temper? One, that caused him to murder a cop in cold blood? More people should be calling for his execution, not less. The judge did not call for lynching or summary justice. Hanging is a legal form of execution, in which case it is not a lynching. Stop with the hyperbole already and get on with the justice end of this.




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