Texas Just Slammed The Door Shut on Muslims ‘No One Trumps American Law!’

States are beginning to wake up, and they are seeing the inherent danger that sharia has inside the United States!

via USH: Perhaps no other state in the union has been referenced more than Texas, when it comes to civil liberties and respecting our Constitution.

It seems whatever the issue Texas is in the forefront in reclaiming our American heritage, and that frontier spirit of individualism.

Texas now joins a number of other states that are passing legislation that bars Sharia law from being recognized in their courts and legal system. Muslims won’t get their way in the Lone Star state.

While most Americans are perplexed as to how a foreign entity could trump American law on our own sovereign soil, Texas isn’t waiting for the courts to intervene on the issue, but rather pass immediate legislation barring any attempt to institute Sharia law within the American Judicial System

This measure is mostly symbolic, but it does set legal precedent to prevent Sharia law from being used as a basis for any type of legal ruling in Texas.

Muslims are screaming over it, but too freaking bad! If you live in the US, especially in Texas, you need to follow American laws and Constitutional precepts. Muslims should integrate into American culture, not the other way around.

h/t: Three Percent Nation

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