Texas Man Murdered Execution-Style By An Illegal Immigrant Who Had Already Been Deported


An illegal alien murdering an innocent American in cold blood?! wow no way! how many is that now? 

Today’s illegal is tomorrows democrat; a criminal.

Spencer Golvach, a 25-year-old Houston resident, was shot and killed on January 31 at 12:50 am. The gunman – Victor Manuel Reyes – was an illegal immigrant who had a criminal record in the United States and was previously deported a number of times for his actions.

Spencer had just dropped off his girlfriend at her house and was returning home when the execution occurred. While Spencer was stopped at a stoplight, the gunman rolled up to his car, rolled down his window and shot Spencer in the head.

The gunman then sped off and murdered another man, 28-year-old Juan Garcia and fired his weapon on a couple before being shot to death by a Harris County police officer.

Allen Fletcher, Texas State Representative of District 130 (Harris County), commented on the tragedy to IJReview:

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time that criminals have been deported multiple times only to return and commit violent crimes.”

Serving as a Houston city police officer from 1979-1998, Rep. Fletcher understands the concerns that current border policy and this story should give both the citizens of border states as well as law enforcement:

“I find it shameful that some of our leaders in Washington would prefer not to uphold their oath of office and continue to subvert the laws of this country by welcoming unvetted individuals into our communities. Their failure to uphold and enforce federal law threatens the safety of our communities and negligently puts our citizens at risk.”

Dan Golvach, Spencer’s father, spoke to Breitbart Texas in an exclusive interview in which he recounted the events and shared his frustration with current border policy.

This is not the first time an incident such as this has occurred within the border states. With immigration policy in the forefront of today’s political climate, this story should highlight the importance of this issue.

—Courtesy of IJ Review

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