HOLY CRAP! Look What Texas Is Doing To Mayors Of Sanctuary Cities Who Ignore Trump—This Is EPIC!

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is about to destroy the career of any local officials who fail to comply with the federal laws regarding sanctuary cities.

The lawmakers in Texas are preparing a bill that would permit city or county officials to be slammed with criminal charges. Theoretically, they’re about to arrest any mayor who thinks it’s OK to harbor unsafe illegal immigrant CRIMINALS. Time to stop hiding all your rapists and drug dealers!


Red State Watcher: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he would “hammer” local officials if they resist federal efforts to deport immigrants in the country illegally, according to the Associated Press. Texas Republican lawmakers are readying a bill that would allow for criminal charges against city or county officials who intentionally don’t comply.

Any county elected official, such as a sheriff, would face immediate removal from office if convicted of official misconduct, AP reported. The Texas bill is the latest sign some states are ready to comply with President Trump’s executive orders on illegal immigration. Trump also plans to enforce existing laws that should give him plenty of tools to pressure local officials who refuse to detain illegal immigrants.

Governor Greg Abbot doesn’t play around. He wants safe American cities just like everyone else does. He understands that hoarding illegal immigrant CRIMINALS is a bad idea.

If you’re an illegal immigrant, then don’t be out there breaking laws and getting arrested. If you do, then you’re getting shipped out.


The sanctuary city status of a city is a magnet for violent criminals. I don’t care who is here illegally or not as long as you don’t bother me – but when you’re raping people and breaking other laws, then we need to change the rules around here.

The sanctuary city laws got a child RAPED in Philadelphia. A man was in Philly illegally, supposed to be deported, but Sanctuary City laws saved him. Then he RAPED A CHILD!!! This kid wouldn’t have been safe if the man was deported like ICE wanted to do. No thanks to the Philly mayor who thinks it’s OK to protect illegal immigrant CRIMINALS!

Is that the type of person you want hiding in your sanctuary city?

You’re paying taxes for them to live in your sanctuary city. Did you know that? Did you know your hard earned money pays for their public services?

You’re hiding criminals and paying for them.

Don’t let your mayor break the law.

Contact your mayor’s office and fight against sanctuary city status ASAP!

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