Texas Sanctuary County Just Ignored Governor’s Final Warning — Got BRUTAL Smackdown From Patriots

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he would do it. He’s a man of his word and it has been done. He gave warnings, but they didn’t listen.

Governor Abbott has CUT FUNDING for the city of Austin for their failure to comply with the sanctuary city requirements. The Travis County Sheriff, Sally Hernandez, is to blame. She’s refusing to do her job properly and just cost her city $1.8 million in funding.

After a lengthy warning period, Governor Abbott did what he said he would do. Imagine you’re operating a city and have to find a new way to generate $1.8 million. What do you do? The only thing you can do is tax people and the residents of your town will hate you and vote/force you out of whatever position you’re in.

Well, the ones who pay taxes will. If you’re a sanctuary city with illegal immigrants who don’t pay taxes, then you’re not collecting much revenue anyway since they’re off the books.

texas-gov-abbott-on-banning-sanctuary-citiesTexas Governor Greg Abbott has been warning for months that there would be consequences for cities and counties that engage in sanctuary policies. Now he has taken action.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has cut funding to Travis County, the home of the city of Austin, following through on a threat to block state grants over a new sheriff’s refusal to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

Abbott’s office said Monday it would cancel $1.8 million in grants to law enforcement programs in the county, the state capital and the University of Texas’s flagship campus. The governor said he is asking state agencies to identify other grants to the county that he could also block.

The cuts come as Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, newly elected in November, begins implementing a new policy blocking deputies from asking anyone they apprehend about their immigration status. Hernandez has also said her office will not hold undocumented immigrants in county jails after they complete sentences for minor crimes, even if asked by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

Sally tried to make a point, but Governor Abbott made the biggest statement. Now Austin will perish under fire and crime from the illegal immigrants running rampant with no repercussion. Funding to law enforcement, colleges, and everything else will be affected when the city loses this much money.

How can you be a sheriff and tell your staff NOT to comply with orders that require illegal immigrants to be reported to ICE? That’s like telling cops not to arrest someone because of their skin color. It’s insanity. A smart illegal immigrant doesn’t get caught for crimes and we have no idea they’re here. I don’t mind the smart folks, but the dumb criminals who don’t care about anything don’t need to be here.

I’m sure the police union will battle the sheriff because that city needs protection and funding to operate properly.

Sally Hernandez better wise up.

In my personal opinion, I don’t mind the Mexican immigrants. Most of them WORK and have better values than our low-life hoodrats. When was the last time a Mexican woman had six kids by five men? They don’t do that.

The people in the ghettos and trailer parks who have eight kids by eight different men, don’t work a day in their life, and milk the taxpayer dry because they’re welfare queens – they’re a bigger problem. They’re criminal leeches who don’t pay taxes. They don’t contribute to society other than providing a few jobs when people need to build trailers or project housing.

I’d rather see white and black dirt-bags deported than a hardworking illegal immigrant Mexican.

I will gladly trade 1 American who lives on welfare AS A JOB, for 10 hardworking Mexican folks.

At least the Mexicans go to work.

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