HOT DAMN! Texas Taco Joint Ignites Into Full Scale Brawl….Over Chips & Salsa (VIDEO)

Isael Rojas THOUGHT he was just going to enjoy some good ol’ Mexican food at Paisanos in Dallas last Saturday night. Little did he know that this night would produce an AWESOME viral video getting millions of hits. He captured a crazy 5-minute video of a brawl that broke out he believes because of chips and salsa.

In this video you will see almost everything you want to see in a brawl like women pulling hair, a man taking on 3 other guys and even the Jerry Springer chair throw…. But many many chairs are thrown in this video instead of 1 (see if YOU can count how many). You will also see things you’ve probably never seen before like high chairs being thrown (don’t worry there are no babies harmed in this video to our knowledge), men pulling off other men’s clothing and an intermittent sign reading “Hechas a Mano”… which is hilarious because that means ‘Made by Hand’. Just when you think this 5-minute brawl is over…. Another one breaks out just behind the one that half the crowd just broke up. THESE are our Millennials my friends… the responsible adults who will be changing our diapers and feeding us when we’re old… Oh crap!

My favorite quote from the video feed had me rolling on the floor!:

Steven Vang: I heard that’s the best place to get tacos, and knocked the f@*% out! Lol

According to Fox News the fight was because one chick bumped into another chick… wow I feel like this is a throwback attitude from the 90’s or something. I’m glad I don’t live in Dallas where attitudes are such that someone knocks into you builds a grudge so deep and fast that you leave an entire restaurant covered in chips and salsa and chair pieces.

The main guy in the fight, Anguiano says the fight is not something he’s proud of.

“If I could go back in time, I’d wish I didn’t go there that night,” he said. “I’m completely sorry about what happened at the restaurant. I really don’t know what to say. I’m just sorry.”

I ask you… do YOU think this brawl was worth the time to sit and watch? While very entertaining to watch (trust me at some point almost ALL of America will have watched this) do people think of what this implies about our modern culture? People under thirty in America really don’t have the self-control anymore to NOT be the savages I see in this video. How would you have reacted if you were in that restaurant? Please comment below!

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