TEXAS: Taking Control Of Their Border To Stop Illegals


Texas Governor Rick Perry has taken border security into their hands  by setting up their own border operation to help alleviate the major overburden that the Obama Admin has created by neglecting to enforce federal law.

There are two states being pounded by illegals right now and it just happens to be the two states who have resisted President Obama’s agenda, Texas and Arizona. These two states are being abandoned by the federal government, and forced to pay for their own ‘surge’ as you may call it.

What makes matters worse, even if they catch these illegal aliens the Obama administration is just dumping them back onto the streets in Arizona and Texas anyway in a blatant attempt to tell those states to screw off; its
the typical behavior we have seen the past 6 years from this administration who is as lawless as it gets, we have the constitution for this very reason.

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