Texas Teen, Montrae Toliver, Arrested for Terroristic Threats After Posting Photo Pointing Airsoft Rifle at Cop Car


A 17 year old teen in Texas is facing terroristic threat charges after he posted a photo of himself pointing an Airsoft rifle at a police car on Twitter.

Montrae Toliver’s tweet in question was deleted, but not before Fort Worth Police grabbed a screenshot as evidence.

In other posts Toliver mentioned that the gun was a replica, however it did look very realistic. In the tweet which resulted in charges, there is no mention of the firearm being a toy or replica.

Toliver tried to defend himself on Twitter after facing mounting criticism.

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The charges come after multiple officers have been attacked and even killed in seemingly random attacks over the last several weeks across the country.

Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who killed two NYPD officers in an ambush, made similar posts on social media before assassinating the two officers.
Courtesy of Controversial Times 

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