THANKS OBAMA! Schlotsky’s Restaurant Manager Tells Cops To F**K OFF!

This sandwich shop located in Texas is choosing to serve up HATE on their menu instead of what they are suppose to be serving…sandwiches. This was found out when a Deputy of the Guadalupe County found an insulting message that was left on his receipt after he had ordered his favorite food from the drive-thru window.

The sandwich shop is called Schlotzsky’s and it’s in Seguin, Texas.

As for the message…here you go.


That’s right, the receipt itself had the words “F*ck U” printed on it. Since this insult was discovered it has been posted to social media and has gone VIRAL. People are pissed.

The incident you should know, did result in the employee that was involved being fired, this at least has been confirmed. However, even is that piece of trash was fired what do we do about the growing hatred towards our men and women in blue.

It read in part: “Their management is 100% convinced that this was not directed at law enforcement. We believe them. The store owner is mortified and has told us that a young employee was goofing off at the register (long story) and she didn’t intend this to actually show up on the paper receipt but rather only to be seen by another person at a different register. Her unkind words did print out though on the receipt. Actually, she had no way to see who was in the drive through.”
The Seguin Schlotzsky’s reportedly took sandwiches over to deputies at the Guadalupe Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, to make up for what happened.
According to Sheriff Zwicke, “they were gone instantly.”

Almost every week there is a new story breaking that tells us about some other restaurant or fast food chain that has employees acting out and being absolute bullies against the very people that protect and serve them!

Of course, to each his own…but if that’s the case and they want to spew such CRAP at our police officers, well then… the next time they are in desperate need of help when they are mugged, jumped, or in any sort of emergency that calls for assistance from our heroes, they can FORGET ABOUT IT! Instead of calling 911, they can reply on their own skills to save their own ass.

Which most likely will result in something they rather not have happen.

But do they see it this way> Of course not, their intellect or lack thereof does not allow them to.

Earlier this year one a New Black Panther leader was mugged while walking down the street. He was distraught and upset over it, and GUESS WHO HE CALLED FOR ASSISTANCE? That’s right, he called the police, and they responded and KNOWING who he was they still served him and treated him with respect and care.

Of course thankfully, he did recognize this and later came out with a statement that his mind has now cast a new light when it comes to how he feels about the policemen. BUT only the ones who helped him…all others are still rotten, he just got lucky with the only good ones.

SUCH GARBAGE! …and really sad to see that the IQ of some Americans can be so low, when there is so much opportunity to well, not be so stupid sort to say.

However this is Obama’s America and as such, ignorance rules.

I cannot wait for Trump to get back into the White House again… there will come a day when speaking ill of police officers and disrespecting the national anthem will once again be unheard of…because those that do it now will understand there are consequences to such disrespect, and they will feel them.

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