THANKS OBAMACARE: Paralyzed Toddler Told he Must Wait 3 Years for Wheelchair


(Controversial Times) A two-year-old born has been denied a wheelchair by Anthem Blue Cross despite being born paralyzed from the waist down by spina bifida.

The reason? He’s not old enough to need a wheelchair, according to the insurance company.

According to the insurer’s internal policy, 2-year-old Crue Allred just has to wait 3 more years before he can have a wheelchair.


Crue’s mother, Aubrey Allred, says he currently gets around in a miniature wheelchair called a ZipZac that Crue has already outgrown or with a mobile stander (a type of standing wheelchair) his physical therapy office loaned to the family after the insurance company denied the claim.

A family friend saw one of Aubrey’s posts on Facebook about the family’s plight and took it upon herself to start a GoFundMe campaign to help. The original goal was $10,000 and as of this writing, more than $18,000 has been raised.

Aubrey says Crue is overwhelmed with the outpouring of support:


Sounds like Obamacare is everything the Democratic party was hoping for. Thanks, Obama.

—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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