Thanks To Obama This US Computer Geek May Be ISIS’ 2nd In Command

John Georgelas seemed to be a typical rebellious teen experimenting with drugs and displaying anti-social behavior. But his parents began to worry when he began delving into the radical side of the Muslim religion. Just after 9/11 around Thanksgiving, John converted to the religion in a mosque in College Station near Texas A&M.

His parents said that he was a follower and easily swayed but intelligent. He immersed himself completely in the religion teaching himself Arabic and becoming fluent enough to write poetry in the language. He studied the Quran so diligently that in some circles he was considered a philosopher and he became highly respected for his abilities to express extreme views in a convincing way. He found himself an equally rebellious extremist Muslim woman to marry and have four children.

John who eventually became known as Yahya began using his data technician expertise and language skills to help jihadist websites. At one point he was arrested in Texas by the FBI but his conviction and parole were short enough for him to take his family out of the US in 2011.

He proceeded to drag his family into the most dangerous and impoverished situations across the world away from Texas including Syria. In most of these countries he was free to pursue jihadism. “One person who knew him then describes him as one of the strongest pre-isis pro-caliphate voices, and says the online seminars he conducted in Arabic and English did much to “prepare” Westerners for the declaration of the caliphate that would come a few years later.”

Through various experiences in fighting his holy war Yahya became a ‘keyboard warrior’ for ISIS. He has since become the Islamic States leading producer of high-end English- language propaganda and is a main writer for jihadist magazines. In August 2016, when ISIS second most powerful leader was killed, John was named as his successor. John has become the jihadi of jihadists, from follower to leader and master propagandist. Obama’s weakening of the United States resolve had only fed into the ego of the likes of John Georgelas and his followers.

His wife eventually left him and filed for divorce and moved in with his parents in Texas. She claims that she is no longer a jihadist nor Muslim and this attitude could even fan the flame of hatred that John has fostered for the west. Until America has a true leader in power, dangerous men like John will continue to wreak havoc on the worlds rebellious children, filling them with lies of the heroism of the Islamic State.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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