The 7 Most Savage One-Liners Trump Dropped Right to Hillary’s Face at Second Presidential Debate

Last nights presidential debate via a town hall format left many befuddled and other entertained. The media universally is hailing it as one of the most vicious yet between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The one liners alone could have killed a horse. The king of the one liners for the night was definitely Donald Trump though.

Many of the nominees interactions and one liners were met with heckling and amazed reactions from the audience who at times clapped and others gasped. Their reastions were simply televised versions of all of us at home on our couches watching. In my home we about fell off our couches at some of his comments.

But here are five of the most controversial moments of the night.

  • Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton would be in jail if he were President.

  • Donald Trump said Bernie Sanders “signed on with the devil” when he endorsed Hillary Clinton

  • Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a liar, not Abraham Lincoln

  • Donald Trump brought up Bill Clinton being impeached


  • Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton could not respond to questions about her emails because she has nothing to say

  • Donald Trump said that Captain Kahn would be alive were he present today

  • Donald Trump seated several of Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims in the front row


While Donald Trump went after her in the first thirty minutes he started to rattle her when she began laughing. He brought up her failure in Benghazi, Libya and the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and other embassy and CIA personnel. He attacked her for her criminal use of a private email server. As well as her dirty dealings with Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz that stole ,the election from Bernie Sanders. He invoked Bernie Sanders who said she had bad judgment.

It was a never ending line of insults. While wildly entertaining I’d bargain to say it left many people wanting more substance despite having more substance than the previous debate.

The debate left many sad. Sad at our current state of affairs and the fact that these two demagogues represent the current state of American society. Sad that our children are watching this and thinking this is normal. Because this certainly wasn’t how the Bushes, Obama, Gore, Romney, McCain or anyone else has ever behaved.

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