The Absolutely Laughable Things Charlotte Protesters Are Demanding Before They Stop Causing a Ruckus

So Charlotte has had a tough week. Last Wednesday at a prayer vigil in honor of Keith Lamont Scott, who was fatally shot by police for brandishing a gun and refusing to follow instructions, turned absolutely violent. Tell me which one of these actions that happened are appropriate and respectful vigil activities?

Businesses were looted, demonstrators threw bottles at police, the interstate was blocked, rioters threw objects at passing cars, rioters jumped INTO vehicles, protesters vandalized businesses and attacked employees, protesters were shooting other protesters, and even multiple Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers sustained non-life threatening injuries. Do those things seem like a proper memoriam to the deceased? It got so wild in Charlotte that the Governor chose to declare a state of emergency sending in riot gear-wearing police firing tear gas and the National Guard.


Now the organizers of the mayhem have offered up a list of demands. From removing the National Guard and curfew to defunding the police department… and of course you wouldn’t be a true BLM person if you didn’t demand reparations. Oh yeah, they also demanded that the police officers have their civil rights revoked… as if the Government gives Civil Rights to anyone— they are natural born rights that Government is suppose to protect, they can’t take them away.

Below you will see the entire ludicrous list of demands but I think that the Governor should comply, remove ALL police forces from the area–close down the PD, withdraw the national guard and ANY government funded protection, offer escorted evacuation to any thinking citizens who wants to leave, shut down the airports and public highways and arm everyone who remains in the city by air dropping weapons and ammo. After ALL that the State should fly helicopters over the city and film it burning to the ground on National TV.

It’s hilarious that these BLM people believe they could take care of their community on their own. Look at the job they have been doing thus far, they wouldn’t have a need of police if they could JUST take care of their children and stop them from shooting, raping and stealing from each other. Good luck Charlotte your city is filled with a bunch of asshats.

The List of Demands:

*The immediate end to the state of emergency, curfew and the removal of the National Guard.
*The immediate demilitarization of the police department and the immediate return of all military equipment.
*The defunding of the police department. (2017 Budget: $246,644,617) and the redirection of those resources to our communities (Including resources for jobs programs, affordable quality housing, transportation, and holistic health and quality schools)
*An independent investigation into the killing of Keith L. Scott and an investigation into the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department by the Department of Justice and a freeze on the nearly 1.5 million dollars awarded in federal grants yearly to the department.
*A release of the police report and body camera footage connected with the killing of Keith L. Scott and all other killings to the public and immediately repeal of HB 972, which restricts the public to access police body camera footage.
*The immediate and unconditional release of all those arrested in connection with the uprising from the killing of Keith L. Scott and the dropping of all charges.
*The release of all the names of the officers involved in the killing of Keith L. Scott to the public followed by their firing, arrest and prosecution.
*Reparations for the family of Keith L. Scott and all victims of police violence as well as the families of those who have been killed.
*Community control of the police, starting with the creation of a civilian oversight board that has the power to hire and fire officers, determine disciplinary actions as well as dictate police policies, priorities and budgets. The board shall not include police representation and will be controlled by communities most impacted by policing and incarceration in Charlotte.
*An end to the repression and targeting of protesters and all those engaged in the Charlotte uprising.
Currently the curfew has been lifted. Charlotte Mecklenburg Police nor North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory are commenting on the Charlotte demonstrators’ outlandish proposal. There is one more thing they forgot to demand:
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