The Entire Staff At Krystal Fast Food Restaurant Refuse Service To A Police Officer, See What Happened Next…

I know a handful of police officers. They became police officers to serve and protect their communities. I have a really hard time believing that Black Lives Matter people actually believe their own b.s. that police are ‘out to get’ them and their families. Seriously, I have been pulled over by police, probably more times than I should. They are professional and I comply.

I comply because I know if I didn’t, I would be in a world of hurt. I have been pulled over for speeding, unregistered plates (actually I forgot to put the sticker on) and one strange time running a stop sign. I was in fact guilty every time I was pulled over and I knew it.

So WHY is it so hard for Black Lives Matter supporters to see that those guys in blue in their neighborhoods are there for their safety. All they have to do to stay out of a cops hair is to NOT break the law. And if you cause a little infraction, be patient, respectful and comply with their simple requests. That’s all.

I believe ALL cop haters are people who do and or want to break the law. They are anarchists who don’t believe in the personal rights of others which is why they are afraid of and hate the police. So it looks like fast food restaurant, Krystal’s in Irondale, AL. hires a bunch of criminals. Whether or not they have a record, they are criminals if they are anarchists who think committing crime is ok.

An uniformed police officer walked into the Krystal’s for some food. He sat in the drive thru lane for over 10 minutes without anyone taking his order. He decided to go inside hoping he would have better luck there. The un-named officer saw two women standing at the counter with NO customers when he walked in. Approaching the counter he watched the women just turn around and walk away. After waiting the officer saw an employee walk toward the register but then suddenly shouting to the back that she was going to take a bathroom break and would be back shortly.


The officer left hungry and frustrated. Later that night he related the story to his wife about the anti-cop message he received earlier. His wife was so upset by the incident that she went to social media to let off some steam. Here is her post:


The post started flying around social media and the community got really stirred up. Many people demanded that the employees be fired for their blatant rudeness. The pressure on Krystal was so great that they finally led an investigation. Based on the surveillance video they learned who the culprits were they sent an apology:

“We take this allegation very seriously, and have spoken to the entire Irondale Krystal Team. Our policy is to serve guests promptly, and with a smile. We want to invite this individual, as well as the entire Irondale Police Department into our restaurant for a meal to demonstrate our appreciation for what they do…”

Do you think Krystal’s apology was genuine?

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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