The Man Who Bestowed Nobel Peace Prize on President Obama Is Ousted


The man who presided over the Nobel Committee when the Peace Prize was given to an untested and newly elected President Barack Obama in 2009, has lost his job.

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ABC News reports Thorbjoern Jagland was replaced by another member of the Nobel Prize Committee after a series of eyebrow raising selections and conflict of interest:

“Jagland will remain a member of the voting panel but was a contentious leader, attracting criticism for his dual role as committee chairman and head of the European Council when the prize was awarded to the European Union in 2012.

His leadership also was clouded by the decision to give the prize to Barack Obama in 2009 after he had just been elected president, and the 2010 prize to the jailed dissident Liu Xiabo drew fury from China.”

Among the reasons president obama received the award were his outreach to Muslims in his Cairo speech, as well as speeches about global warming and nuclear non-proliferation.

But Obama’s wasn’t the only odd choice by the Committee. Here are a few of the recent winners:

Muslim Brotherhood member, Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei, who helped depose Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak.

Global Warming activist and former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore.

The United Nation’s IAEA weapons inspectors, who were kicked out of Iraq in 1998, been lied to by Iran and totally missed Libya’s nuclear weapons ambitions, among other things.

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

While the committee expressed that, overall, Jagland was a good leader, social media appears to agree with the decision to demote him:

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The ousting is also leaving some to wonder (or suggest) what happens to President Obama’s award:


Jagland is being replaced by another member of the Committee, Kaci Kullmann Five. There is no indication that president obama is in any danger of losing his Nobel Peace Prize.

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