The Most PATRIOTIC Halloween Costume Winner Goes To Fox Sports Pundit…

Social Justice truly is a cancer. Not in its effects per se, but in how it spreads. It truly tries to infect every facet of life, and this time of year, we all saw the insanity try to ruin Halloween.

Apparently we all need to be aware how “culturally insensitive,” “racist,” or “problematic” our Halloween costumes might be! Look at the craziness yourself in the poster below which appeared at Wesleyan University.

At the National Review, Katherine Timpf wrote: “After all,” she writes, “Halloween is a very serious issue, and can not be treated as if it were just some fun little holiday that’s a chance for people to use their imaginations and have some fun without taking each other too seriously.” The campus “costume sensitivity consultants” want to spoil Halloween for 19-year-olds everywhere.

Seriously, how exhausting must life be if you have to analyze every single trivial part of life to the point where you’re performing political analysis on freaking Halloween costumes?

Well, there is good news: most people aren’t completely insane. As Smokeroom reported:

Fox Sports pundit and little-known golf sensation Elise Lobb proved that she is a true American beauty with her Halloween costume Monday night.

The “Swing Clinic” co-host dressed up in super sexy star-spangled outfit for the holiday and posted a picture to make everyone’s Halloween just got a little bit better.

Triggered yet, liberals?

As sad as it is, there are undoubtedly thousands of social justice crazies offended by such a costume!

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