The Obama Family Looks To Stick the Knife In Taxpayers One Final Time, Look Where They’re Going Now!

Throughout his Presidency, Barack Obama has established himself as the most fiscally irresponsible in American history. The man who once criticized George W. Bush as “unpatriotic” for adding $4 trillion to the nation debt added $9.4 trillion himself. The nation debt stood at $10.6 trillion when he took office, and will close out just south of $20 trillion by the inauguration.

He’s been just as fiscally irresponsible with the taxpayers money when it comes to the money he spends on himself. Unlike Donald Trump (who won’t be taking a presidential salary or any vacations as president), Obama has racked up $100 million in vacation expenses that the rest of us all paid for.

And now, as Dennis Michael Lynch reported, he’s got one last expense for us all on the day he leaves office.

TMZ blew the lid off of the “undisclosed location” that Obama had listed on his schedule after Trump’s inauguration Friday.

Obama reportedly plans to make a quick escape immediately after the inauguration to fly his family to Palm Springs, California for a vacation before returning to their new home and life in Washington D.C.

The trip Friday will be the Obamas’ final vacation flight aboard presidential aircraft, but the names of the aircraft will be changed for the trip since he will no longer be president.

According to the report, the presidential family will leave the Capitol after the inauguration via chopper, although no longer called the Marine One, and head straight to Andrews Air Force Base. Before they leave the helicopter pad, Obama plans to give a farewell speech to staffers who will be gathered to see them off.

Sources told TMZ that the Obamas are scheduled to leave at 2:45 PM aboard the Special Air Mission 29,000, (otherwise known as Air Force One), where they will be flown to sunny Palm Springs.

It will be a one-way flight, as the presidential plane will not be available to them for their return back to Washington, D.C.

It’s his final “vacation” destination – the hell out of the White House.

It was a long eight years. Good riddance.

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