THE PARTY OF CRIMINALS: New Bill to give Illegals right to vote

From Truth and Action

The Democrat party has long pushed for expanding voter roles, including giving illegal aliens and green card holders the right to vote. Let’s get real, it has nothing to do with giving non-citizens a voice in civic participation and everything to do with stealing elections by expanding the roles of Democrat voters. Citizenship carries with it certain responsibilities along with established rights, one of which is the right to vote to help determine the direction the government will take.

The Democrats are determined to cheat. And that, of course, is why they also object to having voters provide clear, certified identification. Everyone has it, be it a drivers license, a passport, or some other official document proving who you are. Democrats insist that no one will cheat, but they already do. Now they suggest that we give up altogether and just give everyone a vote, no matter their legal status. It is transparently obvious and it is laughable, but Democrat civic leaders are pushing this very idea.


Bertha Lewis and Jumaane Williams Photo: Gregory P. Mango ; Angel Chevrestt

Illegal Voters Welcome to Vote

New York City is overflowing with non-citizens and illegal aliens. At least 800,000 are non-citizen residents, and another 500,000 or more are illegal aliens. That is plenty to swing the vote and load up the city and state with candidates supported by the non-citizen voters. Those non-citizen residents are also very big consumers of public benefits (read welfare) so you can be sure they will support the candidates that promise the most goodies. There is no other country in the world that makes such an offer, and the American people themselves have spoken loud and clear saying that only citizens should have a vote. But liberal Democrats keep pushing the issue, and as they pack city councils with their own, the issue continues to be brought up.

The proposal — which is winning support from the city’s black and Hispanic activists — was recently discussed at a Black and Latino Legislative Caucus event in Albany.

“We want to expand the right to vote for everybody, not suppress the vote. What a radical idea,” said Bertha Lewis, head of the Black Institute, which is part of a coalition of immigration-rights groups campaigning for the bill. She said it is expected to be introduced this spring.

Lewis, whose Black Institute advocates for African and Caribbean immigrants, said such rights should be expanded to cover the mostly minority, undocumented immigrants who work hard, raise families and contribute billions of dollars to the city’s economy.

She sees it as an extension of Mayor de Blasio’s Municipal ID card offered to all residents — including those who are undocumented.

“People want to come out of the shadows,” Lewis said.

But state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long panned the idea, saying liberals may be pushing non-citizen voting to boost Democratic Party enrollment and “buy votes.”

“This is outrageous . . . American Citizens have the right to determine the destiny of towns, villages, cities, states and the country,” Long said.

The idea that illegals are “living in the shadows” is ludicrous. Their children must be enrolled and educated for free in the U.S. They are overwhelming our hospital emergency rooms where they are often treated for free, and they are applying for welfare and food stamp benefits in record numbers. Under the Obama administration there is virtually no chance they will be detained, let alone arrested and deported. And the country has also been flooded with criminal aliens, with estimates going as high as 2 million or more.

Citizenship should mean something. Voting should be a privilege. And being here illegally should be punished with deportation, not rewarded with the right to vote. However, Democrats see only one objective, which is to gain power and control by cheating the system and overwhelming the voter rolls with people who should have no right to participate in the selection of our government leaders. It is a travesty that anyone would imagine this to be a good idea. The panderers need to take a civics class to understand what citizenship actually means.

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