The Pentagon Under Obama’s Discretion Fabricated Data About War on ISIS— Obama Aided The Enemy

The Pentagon was found to have fabricated certain dat information in specific intelligence reports that claimed the United State’s fight against ISIS was going better than it actually was. Shocker! Under the Obama administration no less.

This issue was one that was raised about a year ago. When the Pentagon was basically accused of cooking the books for posterity purposes. Dozens of intelligence analysts reported that reports by the Pentagon had been altered to make the war against al Qaeda and ISIS appear better than they really were.

A House Republican task force revealed the startling fact that Central Command altered intelligence reports on purpose. These reports went so far as to make it into Presidential briefings. But, the administration says they have confidence in Pentagon reports.

The Daily Beast reported,

“While it contains no definitive evidence that senior Obama administration officials ordered the reports to be doctored, the five-month investigation did corroborate earlier reports that analysts felt the leaders of CENTCOM’s intelligence directorate pressured them to conclude that the threat from ISIS was not as ominous as the analysts believed, the officials said.”

High level officials insinuate the investigation into the reports will continue for some time. The investigators wer brought in when the Pentagon was made aware of these whistleblowers.

The head of  CENTCOM’s intelligence directorate and the civilian deputy are accused of deleting emails as well as numerous files from their computer systems prior to the inspector general being able to inspect them.

The Pentagon is under the complete control of the President as the commander in chief. To think Obama had nothing to do with these obfuscated reports is lunacy. He is involved in this debacle one way or another. His hands are not clean in this situation. It is simply a matter of figuring out his role in this.


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