The Real Reason Kathy Posed Like A Terrorist Revealed In This Leaked Pic – Look Who She’s With

What happens when a celebrity with a fledgling career has nothing to offer Hollywood and becomes desperate that they will take almost any job or sink to any lower level just to be relevant for a day?

That’s called being Kathy Griffin. You would have seen her once a year standing next to Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve on CNN. And maybe you’ve seen her talking about how much you can have better bowl movements with the Squatty Potty – but that’s about it for Ms. Irrelevant. There’s not been much of her to enjoy lately, so I wonder if her recent shock picture with a fake decapitated Trump head was her way of keeping her name in the air of anyone hiring.

Good or bad press? Not so great for her. She was fired from her annual stint on CNN and Squatty Potty dropped her too. If you’re getting flushed by a company who makes step stools so you can push poo faster through your body, then you know you’ve hit rock bottom. Actually, being offered the job to promote and be sponsored by Squatty Potty is when you’ve hit your lowest level of success.

If they asked a high school employee who works in the lunch room and serves food to be hired as a spokesperson, then that person would be ecstatic to participate. But to ask an actual celebrity and for them to say YES, now that’s just the lowest of the low. Kathy Griffin’s career has tanked so bad she may as well be a turd herself.

What was the reason for Kathy Griffin’s picture with a decapitated President Trump? Is it because Griffin is an irrelevant hack who needs to get her face back in the spotlight for a few minutes? Her comedy act isn’t funny. She represented toilet products and she worked once a year for CNN What did she really have going for her? Not much at all. Could this be the real reason she was so desperate to try something shocking? Her picture with a beheaded Trump wasn’t shocking or edgy. It was just stupid. It was more along the lines of “Kathy, what are you doing? You look stupid.”

Griffin is reported to be a leftist, as if we couldn’t tell, and it seems like she hates Donald Trump. It’s like she thinks he’s the most vile person on the planet. Well that’s odd because there’s pictures of her chumming it up with the old orange fella. She has a big smile on her face like she’s his best friend and she’s so happy to be in a picture with him.

She appeared on his show The Apprentice, and she also had a great honor to host Trump’s great and super popular gala ceremony at Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, N.Y. This was a huge event followed by Liza Minnelli concert and a golf tournament for 120 with the major host- comedienne Kathy Griffin.

Now, take a look at the picture below. This is the original liberal hypocrisy. I’m already feeling sick. What do you think about this?

Does anyone want to explain this picture? Trump isn’t even doing the floating hand to her. His hand is on the side and she appears to have her arm around him as well. This is the kind of pictures that friends take.

Is this a friends become enemies situation? Or is this the situation where Kathy Griffin doesn’t care who she’s around. She’ll play the part and act all friendly, even if it’s fake and everyone knows it. These four folks in the photo look like they’re having a grand time involving some golf.

So what’s her real deal? Is it because she’s a fake at everything she does? Is her entire life an act? Does she have fun with whomever she’s with because she has no true interest in politics? She doesn’t look like she hates Donald Trump in the picture, so what’s going on with her now? Why does she feel the need to post a pointless picture of something so fake and gory? I saw no benefit in that unless she was purposely trying to get fired from CNN or Squatty Potty.

When it comes to that aspect of this stunt, then I don’t believe that CNN or Squatty Potty should have fired her. I don’t think she should have posted her “this is so fake” apology either.

Kathy Griffin needs to own it, live with it, and move on.

Once Trump’s covfefe typo happened, then no one cared about anything else anyway. World War III could be in progress and liberals would still be typing lame covfefe jokes.

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