THE SMELL OF PIGS: ISIS Cockroaches Tweets New Map of 5 Year Plan for World Conquest


From Pam Geller:

If Hillary takes the White House, the odds are in their favor.

“‘ISIS’ Tweets New Map of 5-Year Plan for World Conquest,” By Sam Prince, Heavy, December 10, 2015 (thanks to Christian):

A new map purportedly released by the Islamic State shows Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East drawn-up to show the lands it plans dominate within five years. The map spans countries from Spain in the west to China in the east and includes the new names of the familiar lands if the terrorist state’s “caliphate” prevails.


Earlier this year ISIS allegedly released another map where it proclaimed the formation of a new ISIS province, “Wilayat Hind,” which includes India and Bangladesh. This is not visible on the above map and therefore may not be part of the “five year plan,” to be completed by 2020.


Along with the map of a conquered Europe, an ISIS affiliated account also tweeted out the above image showing an outline of the United States filled with the black banner, the flag of Daesh. Read More

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