The Truth Behind What Really Happened to Harry Reid (VIDEO)


Allegedly Senator Harry Reid had a freak accident with a piece of exercise equipment, which forced him to make an ER visit. The equipment at fault was claimed to be an elastic exercise band that failed. Here’show they described it:

The accident happened when an elastic exercise band broke, striking Reid in the face and causing him to fall, said spokesman Adam Jentleson. Reid struck some equipment as he fell, breaking multiple bones near his right eye.

As he hit the floor, he broke several ribs, Jentleson said. …

Jentleson said Reid is likely to have severe facial bruises.

The incident was reported as happening on New Years Day, but that could have been early in the morning after being out at night, and I’m sure someone can confirm this.

Do you think an elastic exercise band could break? Maybe for Hulk Hogan, but Harry Reid? Not only break, but strike him in the face, and break his ribs, and cause him to fall down? Man who came of with that script?

“So, he was stretching these straps and one broke and tossed him like a slingshot against cabinets, built-in cabinets,” Durbin told reporters. “He crashed into it with his face and the side of his body.”

Anyone who has used these exercise bands knows they are nearly impossible to break, let alone fling someone like a sling shot. The physics of the entire accident doesn’t match up. Will someone test the theory and send it to me?

I find it hard to believe someone in his position who suffered loss of his eyesight, broken bones and such extreme facial trauma wouldn’t sue the company for fault product, and help raise awareness to the issue. Neither have been done.

What do you think happened to Harry Reid? To me it looks like he got into a fight and lost, and it wasn’t with some elastic exercise band either.

Senator Reid most likely was dealing with some shady characters and they got the best of him. Why even go to the extremes to release a video about what happened without even mentioning the failed equipment and how to protect others?

Why did he decide to retire soon after this? There’s something going on and anyone with common sense can see his story is about as fake as Hillary’s Benghazi’s fiasco.

These democrats have a lot of shady things going on, Hillary and her black market server, and now this.  There’s something major going on and we’ll probably never know the extent of it, but I’m sure it would play out like a scene from the hit series Homeland.

H/T: Powerline

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