The UK’s Islamic Tolerance Has backfired.

Government Set To Ban Islamist Group That Planned Wootton Bassett March

The United Kingdom is a perfect example of Islamic appeasement and it’s destructive path among Brits. Liberal progressives gave Britain away by the filthy infiltration policies of mass immigration and multiculturalism. Similar to the United States, it’s all in the name of a voter base. Thousand years of bloodshed, only in return to be defeated by multiculturalism.

British Muslims have multiplied ten times the amount of all others. Transformation is a politically correct description of what’s happening. This is the global Islamic Caliphate. UK liberal politicians have failed. The English now press 1 for English in England to have the privilege of speaking English.

Muslim immigrant integration is a failure. Instead of assimilating to British traditional values, over 90 Islamic Sharia Courts are judging it’s way to Islamic takeover of Britain. Islamic Sharia Courts are not diligent with UK Muslim jihadists. The jihadist terror cells refer to UK as a home front as they join Syrian and Iraqi terrorist groups.

The United Kingdom is not alone with mass immigration and jihadist infiltration. The United States will follow the UK’s  path to destruction. Amnesty will soon be passed, and Hamas funded organizations like CAIR will support the Islamic takeover of America. CAIR refuses to condemn the jihadist infiltration on American soil.





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