Liberals at ‘The View’ Tried to Bully Trumps Manager, But She Knocked Them The Hell OUT! (VIDEO)

You can’t stump the Trump…. or his staff.

His campaign manager Kellyanne Conway appeared on ABC News today to educate the ladies of the view, who attempted to barrage her with questions.

As the polls continue to tighten heading into Election Day, Conway took a swipe at Hillary Clinton by saying “so many people shouldn’t have been getting their inaugural ball gowns and popping their champagne corks prematurely.” She specifically highlighted the ABC News tracking poll that stands out from the pack with Trump taking the lead nationally. “It’s our favorite poll,” Conway said.

And for good reason. That very same ABC News poll showed Hillary Clinton leading Trump by twelve points just a week ago. That’s an insane reversal, and all it took was a reminder that only one candidate has been under Federal investigation this election.

Naturally, her repeating the facts set Whoopi Goldberg off. “Didn’t you guys say the polls were rigged,” she asked.

To answer her question: no. Trump said he’s competing in a rigged election – he never said the polls were rigged. If you wanna see whose saying the polls are rigged, look at the leaked John Podesta emails which conspire to release inflated polls showing an inevitable Hillary victory in an attempt to disuse Republican voters.

As BizPacReview reported:

The real badgering was left to co-host “Joy-less” Behar, who called Conway “delusional” for refusing to believe the worst about the candidate she works for.

“Your guy, Donald Trump, he’s very cavalier about using nuclear weapons,” she said. “Aren’t you petrified? You have four children. That scares me more than any other stupid thing he has said.”

Conway did her best to humor Behar, who continued to attack Trump over what she characterized as his “reckless” rhetoric.

When Conway made it clear Trump never said he would use nuclear weapons, the far-left “comedienne” turned on her guest.

“I like you, but I think, right here, you’re being delusional,” she told Conway.

Watch below:

Michael Moore said that if Trump wins the election, it’ll be the biggest f*** you to the media in history. After viewing clips like this, I’m motivated to vote for Trump and send that message now more than ever.

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