The WHITE BlackLivesMatter Thug Messes With CNN, Gets His Twitter Shutdown


Oh poor little baby, even liberals are sick of this fool.

From BizPac: Black Lives Matter provocateur and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King continues to push his brand of hate-filled divisive activism and has recently used his newfound notoriety to take on CNN anchor Don Lemon for, get this, thinking independently.

It seems King took things a little too far for CNN when he decided to make things personal on Twitter – very personal.

remember he’s actually WHITE! not black =)

The whole debacle supposedly started when Lemon’s producer reached out to King for an interview to discuss Quentin Tarantino’s anti-police rhetoric. King promptly, and rather dramatically, declined has he proudly boasted for the whole world-wide-web to see. shaun king CNN Only when King posted the email exchange he didn’t have Lemon’s booking agent’s information blocked out. Bad form, King, really bad. CNN apparently fought back by having Twitter temporarily lock down King’s account until he corrected the “mistake.” But not before King took to social media, again, to scream “victim.” Poor little King.


While the original King tweet was “on hold” there were enough followers to know what really happened. And they were all too eager to call him on it.



But King has a lot of fans, and not everyone was grasping they were being duped.

CNN wants the personal contact info blurred out, ill-informed citizen.


Here is King’s original tweet with redactions added by someone responsible:


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