“There’s a Whole Hidden Side of American History”: A Conversation With New Zeal’s Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon talks about everything from Communism and the Muslim Brotherhood to Martin Luther King and possible moles in the US government. His conclusion? History was written by the winners.

Benny Huang interviewed Trevor Loudon, author, filmmaker, and prolific blogger. Mr. Loudon, a native of New Zealand, is known for his research into the Communist Party and Islamism. He blogs at Trevorloudon.com.

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LOUDON: And it’s not that you’re not allowed to talk about Communism. It’s [that] the Right is scared to talk about it and the Left covers for it. You know, so there’s only a very narrow window of opportunity there. But that window has got[ten] wider, I have to say. There’s a lot more people talking about it now then there was five years ago because Obama has been so damned obvious about it that it’s pretty hard to deny. You know? And the researchers like Paul Kengore have brought the facts out so, so deeply, so, so well that even the Left can’t deny it. They just try and minimize it now.

HUANG: Right.

LOUDON: You know, that’s… It’s horrible but that’s the way it is and we, uh, our movie aims to just kick that idea in the face.

HUANG: So there’s a movie that goes along with the book? You didn’t mention that.

LOUDON: Yeah, the documentary’s coming out in May.

HUANg: Awesome.

LOUDON: There’s a documentary coming out in May called “The Enemies Within” which is going to basically expose a whole bunch of neo-Communists, Marxists, and jihadists in your Congress and your Senate.

HAUNG: Okay.

LOUON: So we’re saying they’re right in there, right in the middle of your government.

HUANG: So do you still associate with Glenn Beck?

LOUDON: Yeah, well—look, only to shake hands and say hello. And he’ll promote my work from time to time, and I’ll interview with him occasionally. But we don’t collaborate on a daily basis.

HUANG: Right, right.

LOUDON: But I do know, look, that for a long time there his chalkboards were full of the stuff that I was putting out.

HUANG:  Yeah, and um, because I wanted to say, I first learned about Trevor Loudon, you, from Glenn Beck and I know that he talks about a lot of the things you talk about. And yet at the same time, he is so enamored with Martin Luther King. And I kind of want to vomit all over his face when he starts talking about it. And I’m like, Glenn, he, Martin Luther—you’re in love with the image of Martin Luther King that you have in your head. But that image is not historically correct. Please set him straight.

LOUDON: Look, and I have written stuff about Martin Luther King. I’ve got a big file about him on my KeyWiki thing. That is one of Glenn’s glaring blind spots.

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