There’s Something VERY Different About Trump’s Fireworks Show — Obama Is PISSED

Donald Trump’s fireworks at the “Make America Great Again” concert caused a few people to shed tears of joy.

They’re happy to be part of history where a non-politician takes the White House and drains the swamp of the old conglomerates who’ve grown old in office, looking like mossy rocks in the nasty swamp. It’s like the bog of eternal stench and it’s finally getting some air freshener.

The fireworks we saw last night are an explosive sign of hope and change for America. While Trump’s picks for his cabinet have stirred some controversy. Picking Betsy DeVos for education is like picking a special ed 3rd grader to be your brain surgeon; they’ll give it a shot, but it’s not a good match.


Not every President can make 100% perfect picks. No one’s perfect and that’s OK. It can be fixed.

The great part about this concert and fireworks is that it reminds us of the sweeping change in personnel and that alone can spark ideas, conversation, and lead us to the path of prosperity and making American people happy. For the most part, we’re doing OK. I’d like to see how Donald Trump improves the economy. Can he spark an illustrious trend in upward economics? Or will we spiral down the swamp hole and find out four years later that this was a huge mistake? I don’t think any President, any time soon, will damage the national debt like Obama has.

Last night was the concert and firework show. Today is the inauguration of our 45th President and we have a lot to be excited for.

Anytime there’s a new President, there’s always a bit of excitement and curiosity to see what they do and how they’re different from the last.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that our new President has respect for our law enforcement, loves America, and he probably won’t criminals to the White House.

Get ready for an exciting four to eight years.

Hop on the Trump train and enjoy the ride.

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