If you listened to everything the media said you would probably think that only white people vote for Donald Trump and go to his rallies. Despite the fact that would make his popularity improbable. So whenever a person of color endorses a candidate it is always interesting because it drives Democrats crazy and it makes conservatives happy.

The following video shows a celebrity and then numerous other African Americans and people of color either endorsing Donald Trump or expressing their support for him over a myriad of issues. One gentleman recognizes that he agrees with Trump about building a wall along the border of Mexico and the United States.

Others pointed out he says whatever he wants and he does not care what others think. Another identified him as lawless. One man said that with Trump in office it would allow African Americans the chance to make some money and increase their socio economic standing. Another man said that Trump will most likely be the candidate who can lift our country out of the astronomical debt we have.

it is always fascinating when someone endorses a candidate that you would not ordinarily expect. Especially because it challenges the status quo and changes the way we look at who we support and what we get from the media. You just know it is driving the democrats up the wall especially Hillary Clinton. Because when they can not control the narrative they go absolutely crazy.

This upcoming election will certainly be interesting because everyone is electing Hillary Clinton to win. But all the polls and the sources show that Trump will at the be least give Clinton a run for her money if not win the election. It will not be surprising if Donald Trump wins the election in November and it would not be surprising either.

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